Lithuanian folk dance group of
Vilnius Gediminas technical university
Lithuanian folk dance group of Vilnius Gediminas technical university "Vingis"

About us


The folk songs, music and dance group “VINGIS” was created in Vilnius Polytechnic institute in 1962. The ensemble consists of dancers group, singers group and the accompanying folk instruments band. All the members of group are students of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and all the members have relevant performing experience.

Our group in Portugal

Authentic Lithuanian folk instruments are used in music band – reed-pipes, panpipes, wooden bells etc, also classic instruments like violin, squeeze-box, accordion, trumpet and various percussion instruments. All of the musicians are strongly introduced with Lithuanian folk music, keeping the tradition of folk music playing style, capable professionally perform any improvisation.

Reed-pipe Wooden-bells

The repertoire of group “VINGIS” consists of traditional Lithuanian songs, music and dances, also creations of Lithuanian composers and choreographers that became “classic” with the time.

The main activities of the group – performances in different towns of Lithuania, various festivals abroad, evenings, also involving the audience to play folk dances-games. During the forty five years of existence the ensemble took part in more than 750 concerts and participated in different dance festivals. The ensemble visited Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland and Canada.

Currently, the ensemble is a member of CIOFF (International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festival and Folk Art) and IOV (International Organization of Folk Art) and “VINGIS” is a welcome guest in festivals, organized under these organizations. We also take part in Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebration Tradition which is in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO and in The Baltic Students Festival “Gaudeamus”.

All the members of ensemble are sensitive and outgiving people, good friends, and these are the features, that are helping not only on the stage, but also in life. The members of ensemble are ready to communicate with the ensembles from all over the world, and to make the contribution into the exchange of the cultures in the united World.

Who we are

Our folk group belongs to Vilnius Gediminas technical university and we are student-only group. Our group consits of singers group, a musical band and dancers. There are about 50 dancers, 10 singers and 10 musicians, who play traditional Lithuanian and other instruments. We are the alaborative group, that means that we perform dances which are based on traditional Lithuanian culture.


Name of the group

Vilnius Gediminas technical university Lithuanian folk dance group “VINGIS”

Year of establishment 1962
Country Lithuania

Total number of participants

approximately 70
including: males 37; females  33;
dancers 48; singers 10 ; musicians 11; others 3

Possible minimum numberof participants

depends on festival (flexible)

Participants age

adults olny (students)

Postal address

VGTU folk dance ensemble „Vingis“
Sauletekio av. 11
LT-10223 Vilnius


+370 624 812 05 (Ausra)


+3705 270 01 12


Leader of the group

Ms Rimute Zaleckaite


elaborated and stylized


ethnographic, elaborated, stylized


live only


reed pipes, panpipes, clay whistles, violoncello, wooden bells, accordion, etc.

Necessary technical equipment for the performances

microphones for the orchestra
a place to change costumes